16 Observable Symptoms of “Bipolar”

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Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder characterized by severe emotional ups and downs. The main cause is caused by malfunctioning chemicals in the brain. or may occur in people with accumulated stress or frequent sleep deprivation, along with the expression of symptoms can be divided into 2 groups, namely Mania, which is good mood, energetic, joyful, and Depress, therefore called this disease. Bipolar disorder (positive = mania and negative = depression)

cheerful or is particularly irritable for at least 1 week and has at least 3 of the following “crazy” moods:

  1. feeling puffed up in yourself
  2. want to sleep less
  3. talk more than usual
  4. thoughts go fast
  5. Lack of concentration, decreased thinking ability
  6. Increased social, work, or sexual activity
  7. lack of due diligence Restraint, such as lavish shopping, fast driving, gambling, etc.

Emotional depression or depression

At least 5 concurrent symptoms lasting at least 2 weeks of these moods

  1. depressed
  2. lost interest in good fun drop
  3. weight gain or greatly reduced
  4. Insomnia or sleeping too much
  5. slow thinking or movement
  6. weak, lacking strength
  7. feel worthless feel unreasonable
  8. Concentration, decreased thinking ability
  9. circling thoughts about death

How to treat bipolar

When it comes to treatment, many people have the misconception UFABET that bipolar disorder is incurable. But in fact, bipolar disorder can be treated with medication as the main treatment. Your doctor will prescribe psychiatric medications to adjust neurotransmitters and to regulate your mood. Ready to give advice about disease and medication. Including taking care of yourself in various aspects concurrently for some patients. 

Your doctor may also recommend psychotherapy to better manage your stress. and reduce conflicts with those around you that cause stress The main prohibitions are that you should not stop taking the drug yourself, should not sleep deprivation, and should not use drugs or drink alcohol. Most of the patients will recover from the symptoms and return to their daily lives. If the right treatment