A 5-minute routine to do every morning.

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Usually immediately after waking up every morning. What do you do with your life every morning? Press the snooze button repeatedly? Waking up and hurriedly getting out of bed? So how do you feel about the new morning that is about to start, Don’t want to wake up, Don’t have the energy, Don’t want to get out of bed? There is only anxiety in your head? Or are you excited to start your every morning.?

Stretching on the mattress.

If you are usually lazy after waking up every morning. This is going to be a more advanced routine of lazy twists, i.e. make it more formal. You can either stay in bed or put on a yoga mat. It takes about 5 minutes to stretch your body and loosen your muscles. Awaken your body by stretching one muscle at a time. While taking a deep breath and exhaling, you can also pray for meditation. keep you sane Concentrate from the beginning of the day

Power of bath.

There are quite a few people who don’t shower in the morning because they think they take a shower at night and go to sleep. Staying on the bed, not going anywhere to get your body dirty Some people find that taking a shower in the every morning is very urgent because waking up late, I want you to try to take the opportunity to add 5 more minutes to your morning shower and enjoy it. Let the warm water flow through your body. Indulge in the scent of bath soap. You can open a singing concert. It helps to get rid of drowsiness and recharge your body throughout the day.

Listen to music.

There are many benefits of listening to music. We all know that listening to music can relieve stress, so every morning try to spend 5 minutes listening to your favorite song. Access your favorite music playlist. or turn on your favorite radio channel to listen to music It will increase the energy to start a new day. More importantly, creating aesthetics and mood from music is one of the remedies. It can make you smile along the way. and also awaken your warm memories.

Morning sun.

Actually, everyone knows that the morning sun is beneficial to health, physical and mental health, so the early morning. When the sun is still weak Not as hot as the skin almost burns like late in the morning. The time before nine o’clock Try taking yourself to get some natural vitamin D. whether to sit and sip coffee on the balcony where the sun shines go for a walk or go out for a run Use the morning nature as a restorative power and to motivate you to revitalize and prepare for your day.

Enjoy the food.

General workers rarely eat breakfast because they do not have time to eat. or some people eat in a hurry I didn’t even know what kind of food I ate. But your life will change instantly. If that day you have time to sit at a good dining table. and enjoy your breakfast Remember, breakfast is the first meal and the starter to give you energy. So you have the energy to complete your daily tasks, so pay attention. During the taste, observe how the food looks, smells, and tastes.