How to eat fried food safely

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  1. Homemade fried food It will help save more health. Because we can choose good ingredients, seasonings, oil used for frying. Including a frying pan that is clean by yourself. 
  2. Fries require high heat to cook. You should choose an oil that is heat resistant. so that the oil does not turn into trans fat like lard that in addition to heat It also reduces bad cholesterol levels. and increase good cholesterol It also reduces the risk of cancer. and heart disease as well
  3. Fried food should not be reused in frying oil. because of the old oil that has deteriorated or repeatedly frying in old oil will cause polar substances which is a substance that can cause cancer cells. The best way is to change the oil every time or if necessary. Should not use the oil more than 2 times. 
  4. Dip less dipping sauce because of the dipping sauce that goes with fried food. Whether it’s plum sauce, chicken sauce, jig choo, etc., are rich in sodium and sugar. Making them fat, swollen, and at risk of kidney disease as well. Alternatively, you can opt for a reduced-sugar or sodium-reduced dipping sauce to help you enjoy your fried food more comfortably.
  5. Switch from frying in a pan to using Oil-free Fryer (Air Fryer)
How to eat fried food safely ?

oil-free fryer innovative electrical appliances That will help you fry food until it is cooked without oil or use only a small amount. It also comes out as a fried food menu that tastes good. Plus, it’s crispy, can be tagged and has the same fried food feel. But the calorie content is much less. It is the most viable option. for health lovers. But still want to eat fried food!