Mind Map’s 6 Step Ladder helps you plan your business.

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Mind Map’s 6 Step Ladder helps you plan your business. Business planning is essential for anyone who wants to have their own business. Whether it’s SMEs or Startup businesses and traditional business planning With writing alone, it may not seem interesting. But if you try to change the way we put our ideas in the form of a chart or Mind Map

Mind Map's 6 Step Ladder helps you plan your business.

Besides being useful in helping to stimulate creativity or new ideas. It also allows us to see the overview of the business plan more clearly up helps to connect factors. That directly and indirectly affect the business, analyze, distinguish, and solve problems systematically Reduce risks and increase your chances of success.

Mind Map’s 6 Ladder helps with business planning.

1.Central Idea

Start Mind Map by writing “Central Idea” at the halfway point. by using Post-it® Super Sticky Big Note paper A large sheet of sticky note paper Helping to create Mind Map, breaking ideas freely in all directions.

2. Idea illustration

Use cartoons to add interest to your Mind Map, or if you think you’re not good at drawing, calligraphy instead. add interest encourages both sides of the brain Both imagination and reason work at the same time.

3. Colors help to group

Using a variety of colors in Mind Map writing, in addition to helping to group topics or issues. also help us not be bored Have fun making a business plan. Encourage your brain to come up with new ideas that are better for your business.

4. Linked by branches

thought issues Or the subheading that is extracted from the Central Idea, draw it like a branch of a tree. It is the use of branches to show connections on the same issue or topic. When reading thoughts from the Mind Map, one can better understand the importance of the topic. which topic is the main topic and what branches come out as sub-topics

5. Curves Promote Creativity

Using curves instead of straight lines allows the brain to work more independently than straight lines that feel like a framing. And it also makes making a business plan with our Mind Map interesting. and not boring

6. Keywords to help remember

By nature, the brain is able to memorize short messages faster than long sentences. Therefore, in making a good mind map , use short keywords written to represent our thoughts on the branch lines that branch out from the Central Idea. This will help us to remember important topics or issues well and visualize the idea clearly.

In addition to the 6 steps that will help create interest in our Mind Map , the use of notepads. Instead of using different colored magic pens In addition to helping us enjoy planning a business to increase interest. It also feels like a pop up that stands out and is eye-catching. which Post-it® Super Sticky Both Big Note models A large sheet of sticky note paper It’s an interesting option.