What kind of organization would “young people” want to work with?

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       What new generations are looking for in an organization It is the feeling of “wanting” to work rather than “having to” work. You’ve probably heard the saying, “The new generation doesn’t tolerate work”. But who knows if it really is? besides stability. But this is probably not the feeling of the new generation only. Every worker wants this feeling differently. If the organization has adapted to meet the lifestyle of the new generation without affecting the old enough That sentence might be just a fantasy in the future. And what kind of organization is the answer? in line with the lifestyle of the new generation Make them want to stay with the organization for a long time?


Have a balance of work and personal life (Work-Life Balance)

What people of all generations want, especially UFABET new generations, is to create a balance between work. and life (Work-Life Balance) if the organization has a policy that allows them to have enough balance between life and work The new generation is ready to do the best work for the organization without any doubt.

Work as a partner, not a boss-subordinate

One of the reasons why young people Decided to submit a resignation letter, that is, must be in the role of a subordinate More than working as a partner and having to meet a supervisor who is better at ordering than pizza orders. No matter how many projects you offer, you won’t pass. Plus you have to accept everything. They don’t have to ask if they still want to work. Working as a partner is what they need from other organizations. Because they can express their opinions fully. not being framed by the ability

Opportunities for advancement in the field

No one would want to work in the same position all the time, but career advancement is not much from luck or coincidence. Therefore, the organization should focus on and do not forget to always provide good opportunities for employees. to make them feel motivated to work and ensuring that the organization does not neglect their career advancement

Cool working atmosphere

Work, eat, go home and sleep. It would be boring if I had to live in a loop like everyone else. Relaxing corners or activities are important to reduce stress from work. What’s more, it’s having great coworkers to support and spark great ideas together. It’s not just working together and going home.