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Eat well life balanced.

The working group aged 25 – 35 years old are young people who are dedicated and spend most of their time working. interested in Eat well. But besides work, people of this age pay more attention to life and health. Whether it’s about eating, physical health and mental

Chamomile Tea Benefits.

Chamomile flowers or chamomile tea are not difficult to find in our home. Because this kind of cute flower is good, not teasing. And today we are going to share the benefits of chamomile flowers for everyone to know how they have properties for good health. 1. Unique aroma

Benefits of Banana.

“Banana” is considered a fruit that has been with Thai people for a long time. Both baby food student lunch fruit energy athletes adult dessert to soft fruit. Easy chewing of the elderly. In addition to the delicious, sweet and fragrant taste. That can eat both fresh and processed into various snacks. There are

Precautions when drinking coconut water

It is recommended that those who drink coconut water should choose young coconuts not older than 9 months only. Which if it is an old coconut. The value and nutrients are absorbed into the coconut meat. Drinking coconut water might not get enough nutrients. Eating large amounts of coconut

16 Observable Symptoms of “Bipolar”

Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder characterized by severe emotional ups and downs. The main cause is caused by malfunctioning chemicals in the brain. or may occur in people with accumulated stress or frequent sleep deprivation, along with the expression of symptoms can be divided into

What is wasabi?

Wasabi is a type of Japanese plant which is a cruciferous vegetable. They grow naturally in streams, valleys and mountain rivers in Japan. It also grows in parts of China, Korea, New Zealand and North America. Especially in the area that is shady and humid. Wasabi is healthy food. How

A 5-minute routine to do every morning.

Usually immediately after waking up every morning. What do you do with your life every morning? Press the snooze button repeatedly? Waking up and hurriedly getting out of bed? So how do you feel about the new morning that is about to start, Don’t want to wake up, Don’t have

If you want to be in a good mood.

Cheerful and optimistic people tend to be in a good mood and are easily happy. However a person who is quiet or realistic is not always in a good mood. Because at present researchers have found that good mood builds on its own. Just adjust thinking change behavior and create