Spain beating Ukraine 5-1.

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Spain advanced to the U21 European finals to face England after beating Ukraine 5-1 in the semi-finals football last Wednesday.

Ukraine took the lead before 1-0 in the 13th minute. Michaelo Mudric the winger from Chelsea got the ball on the left before rocking the defender to the end of the line. And then opened it to the penalty area. Artem Bondaren Ko ran over and over and over, tung the net.

But Spain equalized 1-1 quickly in the next four minutes thanks to the unique ability of Abel Ruiz. Who ran into the penalty area to receive a long ball from Victor Gomez before squeezing the defender. Including touching the ball to escape the goalkeeper before finding a channel to hit the left with the best UFABET 

The fierce bull army took the lead in the 24th minute. Oian Sanset had the ball spill into the skull before hitting the full back of his foot and decisively sending the ball into the goal.

At the end of the first half. Ukraine almost equalized, Mudrik created an opportunity for his friend Danilo Sikan to shoot from the left in the penalty area. But did not pass Arnau Tenas’ hands to finish the first 45 minutes, Spain led 2-1.

In the second half, in the 54th minute.

Spain moved to 3-1 Abel Ruiz crossed the ball for his friend to catch the Ukrainian defender who cleared the ball carelessly, Antonio Blanco. So he could snatch it before pressing with the right and shooting from 18 yards past the goalkeeper’s hand. 

Ukraine almost got the most goals in the 57th minute. From a shot far in front of the penalty area of ​​Artem Bondarenko, who spun with an emphasis on the left. But stuck at the fingertips of Arnaud Tenas before the ball hit the pole.

Then it was Spain who escaped to 4-1 in the 68th minute. Ander Barrenetchia passing the ball from the left for Aymar Oroz, spinning from the penalty area to send the ball into the far post beautifully. 

  In the 78th minute. The score moved to 5-1 from a decisive counterattack. Abel Ruiz fell to the left before passing diagonally into the penalty area on the right side for Sergio Gomez to catch. And spin with the left into the post precise 

Spain almost got their sixth when Victor Gomez slid the ball into the right side of the penalty area for Ander Barrenetchia. Run after and shoot at close range. But the ball hit the post unfortunately. 

After that, the end of the game was Spain, who attacked Ukraine 5-1 and advanced to the final against England, who defeated Israel 3-0 in the playoffs. On Saturday the 8th of July