10 Ice breaking activities to increase teamwork in the organization

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1. Ice breaking event: Find 10 things that are the same.

The steps of this game are Have each team member try to find 10 things in common that the team member has in common. This can be anything from the same favorite color. same favorite food graduated from the same school as well as some similar habits with friends in the group The purpose of this activity is to help you and your group get to know each other better. They may also get new best friends from things or hobbies that they like the same as well.

10 Ice breaking activities

2. Ice breaking activity : First greeting

If there are still people on your team who feel embarrassed when greeting strangers I recommend playing this Ice breaking game. It starts with a grouping for players to match up with someone they are not familiar with before. Then set a challenge for them to take turns greeting new colleagues. by having to be a problem that they didn’t have time to set up which a strange way of greeting This will make the player out of the frame of shyness completely.

3. Ice breaking activity: request 1 sentence

This activity is said to Suitable for meetings, parties and company seminars. It also has good results in team building. How to play is for 1 person in the team or the team leader to raise a topic that is a problem. and have team members take turns giving feedback or solutions. Everyone’s opinion is considered a brain storm and developing problem solving skills in work, another important thing in this activity. is to be open and accept each other’s opinions. Don’t blame it when people on the team don’t have a different opinion than you. Because it will cause the next meeting, no one dares to comment again.

4. Ice breaking event: a list of 5 items

This game has a topic of items that must be listed. Then let the players list items to match the topic of 5 each, such as favorite movies. Favorite menu of seven lunch boxes and then share it with the group members. This kind of interaction will help you practice being a good listener and get to know your coworkers better.

5. Ice breaking activity: Wall-breaking questions

In this activity, members will take turns asking and answering the most creative questions, for example, if one day you become a vegetable. What will you do? When you wake up, you become an animal. What animal do you want to be? or if you have to choose an imaginary friend Who do you want as a friend? etc., in which every strange question and answer intended for fun increase imagination and create laughter Relieve tension and reduce the wall between team members, sure enough.

6. Ice breaking activity : Speed ​​Meeting

For anyone with colleagues I’m not good at speaking and can’t start conversations. I recommend you to take this game and play with them. Start by having them pair up. Then talk for two minutes in general and be sure to remember the story of the person you are talking to. Once the time is up, you’ll have to pair up with someone new and keep chatting for the next two minutes. This game will help players forget the shyness in the first conversation. dare to say more than before because of limited time Therefore, the focus must be on the interlocutor rather than his own shyness. This might add even more excitement by randomly asking a team member at the end of the episode, “ What do you know about the person you’re talking to? 

7. Ice breaking activity : Tell me what you like.

Everyone has their favorite thing. But few people dare to share their likes with strangers. This game will make you dare to tell yourself what you like or do as a hobby. It starts with a group of 4-5 players. Each person talks about their favorite things, such as pets, food, snacks or flowers, and explains the reason. In this way, it will help break some walls. Makes you dare to be yourself in a new environment, but if you don’t want to be disappointed or doubt each other. It’s better to avoid topics like beliefs, values, and religion.

8. Ice breaking activity: meeting to break the wall

This activity is similar to with the question game, breaking the wall But the difference is that the nature of questions that need answers to be used primarily to develop the organization or to strengthen the team. For example, what would you like to improve in the organization the most? What are your concerns about work? What kind of personality do you think is the most important in your organization? These questions will help leaders understand the feelings of team members and encourage everyone to share what they think is important to the organization.

9. Ice breaking event: can only silence 3 moves

This activity is similar to a word game that many People have already played. but different A mute can hint a word with only 3 gestures and is prohibited from making any sounds. In which team members have to guess the answer from the dumb within a limited time. When they help each other guess the words, this is a practice of unity among the team members and helps reduce awkwardness quite well.

10. Ice breaking activity : tell about yourself

If you want to get closer to someone I recommend playing this game. There is a rule that the players are grouped together in groups of 4-5 people and then each person in the group alternates. Recount an event that you are proud of. as well as the stories that they have achieved in life. Every story told will help the participants to see their self-worth and pride more. It also trains team members to be good listeners.