5 ways to speak in public, how listeners throw their hearts out!

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5 ways to speak in public, how listeners throw their hearts out! Public speaking or presentation techniques It is another skill that is necessary for everyone. Especially People who have to make presentations often, such as office workers or business owners. But many people still have problems with lack of confidence, what to do? Don’t know what to say? 

5 ways to speak in public

The script must be perfect!

before stepping out to speak in public that will bind the audience’s hearts First of all, a good script is very important. It is like arranging one’s thoughts in an orderly manner, helping to connect stories to one another. And a technique that will help us remember scripts easier is to use Highlighters in different colors Highlight key topics and use color recognition to match the title of the topic. Or maybe using images to help memorize it will help us remember the script easier as well.

The slide must be great, captivating the listeners’ hearts with minimal

Have you ever seen the slides of the big brands that dominate the world like Apple? As you can see, the slides that will capture the audience’s hearts don’t have to be information-filled slides. because public speaking Slides are just a tool to help you gather ideas that we’re going to talk about briefly.

Typically, a good slide, each page has to grab the audience’s attention from the first two times, so the topic needs to be concise.
And increase the interest of your speech by using graphs or images. It will make your slides more interesting.

change the style a bit help hypnotize the listener

Surely no one would want to listen to the blunt robot read the slides for me, right? Good public speaking requires a change of style. This style means both speaking without using a monotone absolutely, having to have a pleasant tone of voice, know the rhythm, and a presentation style that may not stand alone. may go out and engage with the audience Inviting listeners to join our activities on stage is also good for the heart. and will make the listener not get bored as well.

Record the video and keep improving.

If you want to know how we talk, tone of voice, gestures, content Will the audience understand us? Another good way is to Record a video of our rehearsal. and then open This will help you spot the flaws in each speech. Allows us to adjust to fix those bugs at the right point. It can also be considered as a help to remember the script as well. “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”

Carry confidence beyond 100

Beautiful, give 5, confident, give 10! Great formula and secret that will make you step into the favorite of listeners easily. If we carry “confidence” no matter what we do, we will go the best. Forget the shyness that was before If we have prepared all that has been suggested. Don’t be afraid of anything Take a deep breath and think We’re the biggest when we’re talking. When preparation comes with confidence like this, success is not far away!!