6 tips for choosing the right CCTV

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CCTV for homes

6 tips for choosing the right CCTV . CCTV for installation in the house or residence It is recommended to choose a small CCTV camera. to track corners of walls or ceilings. May choose to be wireless for ease of installation. There should be a function or motion sensor to detect abnormalities in the house. In addition, it is a ufabet recommended to choose an IP Camera. That can be connected to a device. Such as a smartphone to view real-time images.

6 tips for choosing the right CCTV

CCTV for office or office

CCTV for installation in the office or office may need to focus on design for beauty in the building. In addition, you should choose a CCTV camera that can capture wide-angle images. and installed in a corner where the area can be clearly seen without any obstructions. There is no dark corner that the villain could use to hide. 

CCTV for convenience stores or supermarkets

Convenience store surveillance cameras should be sharp and high resolution. and can capture images in a wide angle. Choose to be a wireless surveillance camera. It is easy to install and the cost is not very high. And should choose a model that can view images in real time via electronic devices. To help you control employee behavior while being aware of various threats.

CCTV for hotels, condominiums or shopping malls

Letting crime take place in hotels, condominiums and shopping malls. It will destroy the confidence of residents and customers. If it is a crime that cannot be identified will make our business more unreliable CCTV is a very important device that entrepreneurs should not be neglected.

It is recommended to use an IP Camera to connect the camera device to a computer network and the Internet. Users will be able to view images in real time through the monitor at any time. Importantly, CCTV should be installed at every point. Make sure the image can be seen from every angle. For maximum safety and for the confidence of users.

cctv for factory

Installation of CCTV cameras in the factory. Mainly to check the safety of machines, products and take care of employee behavior.  IP Camera CCTV is considered the most answer to the question. Both in terms of stability and clarity, choose a camera that captures wide-angle images. And has an infrared (IR) system to see clearly both day and night. 

CCTV for installation outside the building

As for the CCTV for installation outside the building. Whether it is residences, hotels, condominiums, factories, etc. It is recommended to choose a wired surveillance camera. Because it is more durable and stable. and should choose a camera that has Infrared (IR) technology to help see at night itself.