Check the room inspection What do I need to prepare?

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Room inspection It’s like checking the cleanliness of the room. Including the water system, lighting, ceiling tiles, etc., which we can usually call a technician. or a condo inspection company. 

But for those who want to save their budget, today we have a technique to check for condos by yourself. Make sure it’s perfect And it’s as detailed as calling a professional technician for sure. Let’s go and see.

  1. Post-it notes  sticky note paper Also known as Post-it. It’s for writing a short note and pasting it where you want to repair it. Once pasted, it is recommended that you take pictures and keep them as evidence.   
  2. Stationery In addition to using Post-it Make sure to find a notebook to note which parts need to be repaired. Make a list of items. will be able to come back to check easily without defect  
  3. Screwdriver, try the light, a screwdriver for testing the electrical system. Or if anyone is inconvenient to use a screwdriver, they can usea charger cableand a mobile phone battery instead.
  1. plexiglass, a device to check the slope of the floor in the room
  2. Coins are used for knocking on floors, walls or tiles.
  3. Camera or smartphone camera for collecting images as evidence It should be a sharp camera. I will be able to keep all the details.