Check the room by yourself What do I need to check?

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Check the neatness since the knob can press the lock and unlock normally or not. The photocell must be installed in the right direction. Check to make sure that the hinges are firmly attached to the door and the frame, it opens smoothly, is not stiff and does not make noise. There must be no gaps between the door and the jamb. and the door must be able to close tightly for safety.   

Check the room by yourself What do I need to check?


Most of the windows in condominium rooms are used as sliding glass. Therefore, make sure that the sliding door closes tightly, the glass has no holes, no cracks. The bolt must be able to lock normally. The slide rails must not be stiff. It is recommended to try sliding in and out several times to test the strength. Check to make sure that it has been postponed – it will not derail.


for floor Check the slope with a glass ball. If the marble is placed and rolled to either direction That means your floor is tilted. But if the glass ball rolls and stops at some point Indicates that your floor is pitted or has collapsed. This may be caused by the flooring process.

In the tile floor Try knocking coins. If the plaster is not full of the tile When knocking, a loud sound will be heard. Another point to focus on for tiled floors is the grout grooves. Some technicians may forget to grout. or untidy grout will make the room unattractive especially on the bathroom floor. If the grout is not neat, it can cause water leakage problems. 


Check the cracks of the cement. cracks of color Or check the neatness of the wallpaper.


Check the balcony railing to make sure it is firmly attached, brand new and not damaged for safety. including the height must be standard Usually the height of the balcony should not be lower than waist level.


Check thoroughly since the washbasin, toilet, shower hose, shower, mirror, hanging rails must not be damaged and can be used normally. The water heater must be grounded. It is important to check the bathroom floor to have a slope towards the drain. to prevent waterlogging while bathing


The ceiling of the room must be free of stains. If traces of stains are found on the ceiling May need a technician to help inspect the room above. whether there is a water leak or not Absolutely do not leave it.

water system

Try turning on every faucet, sprinkler, shower to see if the water flows normally or not. Check the water pressure to be normal. Including the drain, try pouring water and see if the water drains quickly. If the water is inconvenient to drain into the pipe trapped on the floor or has an unpleasant smell. May be caused by clogged drains. or there is an obstruction.

electrical system

Check to make sure all lights are turned on and off completely. As for the outlet or plug. Try checking it with a screwdriver. Or plug in the charger to see if there is electricity or not. In addition, try turning off electrical appliances and all equipment and observe the meter. If the meter dial is still spinning. It means there is a light leak in the room which must be corrected immediately.