Get to know Emotional Intelligence

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Get to know Emotional Intelligence.Emotional intelligence is the ability to control emotions ready to express appropriately. Of course, in the work different people have different ideas. Each meeting brainstorm each idea. There will always be opinions that we disagree with. If you don’t know how to control your emotions replied furiously or expressing dissatisfaction when others disagree. You may become someone that no one comes close by default. 

As said We don’t have to agree with every opinion. You just have to be open-minded. If you want to suggest other comments should be appropriately expressed. Better than blowing your emotions away. Including not bringing personal bias to mix with work. Therefore, having emotional intelligence is an important soft skill that helps us look professional and able to work with others.   

Skills for working with others (Collaboration)

The skill of working with others is a soft skill that combines many skills. Such as time management skills, adaptive skills, communication skills. Including emotional intelligence. In addition, observation skills should also be used. Study each colleague Who is good at which side? What is the working style like? Which method should use to approach? for one day to ask for help will be able to talk and work together smoothly.    

Problem Solving Skills

Problems are always present in the workplace, and many times they are immediate problems that arise unexpectedly. All that is required is mindfulness, tact, and decisiveness. which is a skill that requires experience. This includes practice such as listening and catching issues. Practice analyzing the problem. Practice finding the root cause of the problem, and practice thinking of ways to solve problems. If you practice often even if it takes time But trust me, you will become a person who dares to face every problem. 

Critical Thinking Skills

Today, a huge amount of information comes through for us to consume every day. Among these many information If we receive the substance without analyzing (Critical Thinking) is no judgment. no reasoning We may become people who believe everything. Lack of prudence, no standpoint, dragging, lack of discrimination, and may pass on the wrong information to others because they have not reviewed the information received. This will be a problem for the performance of the work. including working with others.