Get to know 9 Soft Skills(continue)

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Time Management Skills

Get to know 9 Soft Skills(continue) Time management skills are another basic soft skill that you should have. Especially in an era where everything is in a hurry One person has many responsibilities. The more you need to manage your time, a simple technique that can help is to start by looking at the big picture of what you need to do in a day. prioritize and assign a deadline for each piece Then there must be discipline. Complete the work as planned. Time management will help keep work on schedule. For those who manage their time well. There may be time left to do other things besides work. But in spite of this The appropriateness of time management also depends on the conditions. 

Get to know 9 Soft Skills(continue)

adaptive skills 

Adaptation is a Soft Skill used for survival because every organization has its own working culture. Plus co-workers who come from different places, from different countries, from different families, being adaptable will help us get along with other people, preventing problems when working as a team. 

But the adjustment It doesn’t mean that you have to adjust by agreeing with everything. What you should do is understand the organization culture. Understand that each human being has different personalities. have different ideas with an open mind to accept new things flexible thinking Not attached to yourself and has emotional intelligence. (will be discussed later) if we can adapt well Highly flexible in thinking Where to go Working with anyone is definitely comfortable.

Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence is the ability to control emotions ready to express appropriately Of course, in the work different people have different ideas Each meeting brainstorm each idea. There will always be opinions that we disagree with. If you don’t know how to control your emotions replied furiously or expressing dissatisfaction when others disagree. You may become someone that no one comes close by by default. 

As said We don’t have to agree with every opinion. You just have to be open-minded. If you want to suggest other comments should be appropriately expressed. Better than blowing your emotions away. Including not bringing personal bias to mix with work. Therefore, having emotional intelligence is an important soft skill that helps us look professional. and able to work with others.