Get to know 9 Soft Skills

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Get to know 9 Soft Skills. In addition to specific skills or Hard skill that is a strong point for putting in a resume Another thing that people are looking for And it is considered one of the staff selection criteria is ‘Soft Skill’. Whether you have just graduated as a First Jobber or have worked for a year, these 9 Soft Skills , we recommends having them with you. Are there any advantages that are guaranteed? Let’s go to see!

Get to know 9 Soft Skills

How is Soft Skill different from Hard Skill?

Hard Skill is a specific skill. It is a skill that is used to build a career, create a product or a product. Such as craft skills, computer skills, cooking skills, Video Editing Skills and More That Makes Money visible concrete.

The Soft Skill is not a skill that produces tangible results. Rather, it is a skill that will help promote more effective results. It is called an emotional and social related skill. Which has no influence and is important to working in the organization, so let’s see if you want to optimize yourself, what Soft Skills you should have..?  

communication skills 

Multiple lack of communication poses a problem. Both misunderstandings that results in wasting time making work unable to continue or if communication is not good send error message it’s misleading So, whether you work in an organization, a freelancer, or a business owner. Communication skills are the basic Soft Skills that you should have. And must practice Communicate in a concise, to-the-point, easy-to-understand manner. Know the language level to choose the right choice for the conversation partner. Including  knowing how to choose the language that is appropriate for the situation. For example, if you want to communicate for cooperation should use polite language make the listener feel that it is a request No coercion. Effective communication will help keep the job going. and the team work together understandably.   

Negotiation and Persuasion Skills

In addition to communication skills people who have the art of speaking Able to motivate, persuade, or negotiate Guaranteed to be exactly what you want. Because in the business world, many times we have to go out and communicate to persuade people to listen. Maybe for a reason to sell or negotiate benefits. If you have the ability to persuade people to follow suit. Or can use words to negotiate benefits in a win-win way successfully.