7 techniques for effective online meetings

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Clearly set the agenda for online meetings.

7 techniques for effective online meetings. If you are an online meeting organizer before starting an appointment or meeting a colleague Agenda for the meeting should be set. That you want to have a meeting on any subject.  What are the topics? To let all attendees know and prepare for information Be prepared to answer questions in your own responsibility. This will help everyone to be more ready to find a solution to problems on various agendas. If they convene an online meeting without notifying the agenda no topic. The issue is not clearly defined. It will be difficult to come up with an answer or a conclusion. Because no one prepared This will lengthen the online meeting.

7 techniques for effective online meetings

Notice of online meeting appointments in advance

In addition to clearly setting the agenda for online meetings Before calling any online meeting, you must inform in advance so that everyone involved can prepare, prepare information and schedule. If the appointment is abrupt Of course, besides not having any information May have to sit and wait for the attendees to be ready until the meeting is late. 

Notifications of online meeting appointments should be sent via email. specify date and time program used with the meeting agenda The best way is to notify at least 1-2 hours in advance so that everyone is prepared. (Unless it’s an emergency) and don’t forget to send an email or LINE reminder 10 minutes before the meeting starts. 

Choose an easy-to-use online meeting program.

Another obstacle in online meetings is that some online meeting programs may have complex functions. And each program has a different look and feel. So your team or organization can meet online seamlessly. Should choose to use only one program as the main And should be rehearsed for everyone to know how to use the program in the beginning, such as login – log out. screen sharing Turn the mic on-off or turn the camera on and off so that when it’s time for a real online meeting, everyone can have seamless access.  

Choose the right online meeting location

When there is no soundproofing conference room available different people at home. The home environment can interfere with meetings distracting attendees. Laso they might lost focus as well. Suggesting that the place for online meetings. It should be where the Wi- Fi signal is accessible and stable. to prevent disconnection during meetings. 

There is enough light to turn on the camera, and most importantly should be a quiet place For people who live in condos or dormitories, there may be no problem. But for those who are at home, have family or have pets with them. If you can’t find a quiet room for online meetings. The microphone should be turned off. and only open when speaking To prevent noise from the home environment to disturb other participants.

Start an online meeting on time. and finish it according to the deadline

Set the agenda, notify the appointment, prepare the program. The next technique is to start online meetings on time. It is recommended that if anyone attends the meeting. Let’s start the meeting first. So people come in first so they don’t have to wait too long. In addition, the meeting deadline should not be too long. because they say People can focus on things One session is only 18 minutes long, and a good meeting shouldn’t be longer than 50 minutes, so limiting meeting time can help participants feel less exhausted. and make meetings more efficient Because everyone can focus in the meeting. 

If you want to reduce the meeting time Try to clearly define the timing of the discussion for each topic, for example, Item A takes 10 minutes, Section B takes 15 minutes, etc. It’s important to start meetings ‘on time’.        

Summarize the information obtained from every online meeting.

The online meeting is over. Don’t be in a hurry to hang up. You or the attendees’ representatives should always summarize the key points and conclusions of each meeting agenda first. for all attendees to understand each other better. Don’t make a meeting in vain and if possible. A written summary of each issue may sand by email. Anyone can reread it for accuracy.

Turn on the camera for online meetings to increase interaction. 

Turning on the camera is a technique to increase interaction in online meetings. It also allows participants to focus more on the meeting. It also allows them to see the gestures, emotions at the moment, see the rhythm of the conversation.