What Scales and body composition measurements can do ?

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What Scales and body composition measurements can do ? Healthy young people probably already have a scale at home, but in this era, the era is over to use just a normal weight scale. OfficeMate recommends scales and body composition measurements.  The ability to measure and display more than just body weight Like a personal trainer who keeps telling us to control food and take better care of yourself.

Scales and body composition measurements  is a new generation of scales with the ability to measure other body components. Such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, abdominal fat, metabolic rate, BMI, etc. The ability to measure various values ​​depends on the brand and model of the weighing scale. 

These measurements can provide an initial assessment of physical health, for example. If there is a high level of abdominal fat. It could be a sign of obesity. and risk of heart disease or type 2 diabetes, etc. If anyone wants this smart scale to use at home, a ufabet online recommends choosing a model that can record user data. You will be able to see an overview of your health changes.