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Get to know Low carb, Thailand has delicious food. Everywhere you look, you see only delicious food. Or snacks, bubble tea, shabu, grilling, it’s very difficult for us to lose weight. While around us there are so many tempting things. But summer in Thailand is getting closer every time. Many people are probably looking for The fastest way to lose weight to get ready to wear a swimsuit for a summer beach trip, today ShopBack Blog brings everyone to know about Low carb or reducing starch that helps you lose weight quickly without a shape. Let’s leave it.

What is reduced starch or low carb?

Low carb is weight loss by reducing starchy foods. The full name is Low Carbohydrate Diet because starchy foods contain carbohydrates. which when ingested will be digested into sugar If the body does not burn completely. It is back to the fat that makes us fat Low carb is  to lose weight naturally. by reducing the consumption of starch that will be added And give the body a chance to burn the accumulated fat before coming out, sure enough. 

6 Things You Should Know to Reduce Starch and Make  Low Carb Effective 

  • Get to know the low carb diet first.

Before we start reducing starch We should know that What foods are Low Carb and which are not? So that we can eat the right way, sure enough.

  1.  Fat-free meats such as sirloin, chicken breast, or pork, etc.
  2. Almost all types of fish are edible.
  3. chicken eggs cheap protein full benefits
  4. Greens, Cauliflower and Broccoli
  5. nuts and grains
  6. Oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and canola oil
  7. Certain fruits, such as apples, blueberries, and strawberries
  8. Unsweetened beverages such as unsweetened milk or Greek yogurt.

  • The amount of carbohydrates you can eat

Reducing starch doesn’t always have to be starving. You should gradually reduce the amount because if hugging suddenly may affect our health. The amount of carbohydrates that can be eaten per day is 20-50 grams. 1 small apple or orange, 1 cup berries, half a banana, 240 ml milk, ½ cup corn, bread and 1/3 cup steamed rice.

  • make a table

Creating a weekly meal schedule will give you a visualization of your eating and diet. Make a simple table You can start doing it on a day-to-day basis if you find it difficult at first. List all 3 meals what you want to eat. For example, eat 2 boiled eggs and 1 apple, 1 cup of sukiyaki during the day, 1 small cup of bok choy and 1 apple in the evening. Etc. specifying a clear amount will help us control the amount of food better.