Time management method to work hard – rest effectively

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Time management method to work hard – rest effectively with the 52/17 formula.

Working from Home may cause us to manage time and divide work and rest time very poorly. Because the atmosphere at home is not the same as working at the office. Whichever way we turn, everyone is interested in working until we are diligent and determined as well. And when turning to work at home. Which is a place to relax may distract us and turn our attention to other things When I got back to work, I spent too much time focusing on it.

Time management method to work hard - rest effectively

According to  ufabet  , software that calculates the relationship between working hours and employee productivity. It was found that the company’s top-performing employees take a break every hour once per hour. The ie work 52 minutes and take a break of 17 minutes.

It was also found that Employees with the highest working capacity Work less than 8 hours a day at all. It shows that the most efficient way of working is not working for long periods of time. But it’s work and then take a proper break.

people taking a proper break Therefore, work more efficiently than people who work continuously for a long time and take less time to work. because they can concentrate more on working Non-stop working Will make us feel more tired, unable to concentrate, unable to focus on the work that can be done. It’s like working endlessly.

However, in 52/17 work, in 52 minutes we should focus on the task and do it fully without losing focus. The other 17 minutes is rest time. We should also take a break and withdraw ourselves from work. to get good results