How to use an energy-saving refrigerator(2)

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Do not forget to check the condition of the tires on the edge of the refrigerator.

The rubber edge is the part that helps keep the cold from leaking. and help make the refrigerator door close more tightly How to test the condition of the rubber edge of the refrigerator. Try placing banknotes or a sheet of paper on the edge of the refrigerator door. Then close the refrigerator door as usual. If the clamped banknotes are still firmly held Shows that the rubber edge of the refrigerator is still in good working condition. But if the refrigerator door is closed and the banknotes fall Indicates that the rubber rim has deteriorated and should be replaced quickly. to prevent the cold from leaking Because it will waste the fire itself.

How to use an energy-saving refrigerator.

Clean the condenser coil regularly. to allow the refrigerator to cool off easily

condenser coil is the heat sink located at the back or bottom of the refrigerator which will serve to cool the heat from the operation of the refrigerator In order for the compressor to work to fully cool the refrigerator. If the condenser coil is dirty. There is a thick layer of dust It will be more difficult to cool off the refrigerator. As a result, the compressor has to work harder and consume more power. Therefore, we must always keep the condenser coil clean with the use of a dust brush or use a vacuum cleaner to clean thoroughly.

Try not to open the refrigerator often. or leave the refrigerator open for a long time

Every time the refrigerator is opened. The outside temperature, which is higher, will interfere with the temperature inside the refrigerator to fluctuate. until the compressor has to work harder to maintain a constant cooling. Therefore, if possible, open the refrigerator sparingly. And don’t leave the refrigerator open to keep the refrigerator from working hard It will save more electricity.

Keep the refrigerator clean and defrost in the freezer compartment.

Inside the freezer or freezer that is cold. Over time, ice cubes will form on the edges or frozen trays. If left for a long time. It will increase in volume which makes the refrigerator work harder Because it is inconvenient to send the cold out. So it would be better if we constantly defrost it. And always clean the refrigerator. In addition, spoiled food should be discarded. And try not to over-freeze the stuff in the refrigerator. Because it will cause the air in the refrigerator to circulate inconvenient. Makes the refrigerator work harder.