Not-so-secret tips on how to make deep-fried food crispy for a long time.

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make deep-fried food crispy
  • Ingredients to be fried If chilled or freeze Should have a temperature close to room temperature first. This will help reduce oil splashes.
  • Make sure that the ingredients to be fried are dry. Drain the water. Drain the sauce. If the bread is coated in flour, pat gently to loosen the crumbs. This will help prevent oil from splashing and helps food last longer because the raw material has less moisture.
  • before the food is fried Should wait for the oil in the pan to heat up. The temperature of the oil should be around 325-375 degrees Fahrenheit. If the light is too weak. It will take a long time to fry make food immersed in oil Soaked in oil until soft, not crispy and if the power is too strong. This will cook the food on the outside faster than on the inside. So be sure to keep the temperature in check.  
  • While frying, there is no need to turn it over often. Because it will make the food greasy. Wait for one side to be cooked until golden brown before turning over. It will help our fried food to be more crispy.
  • Using a fork during frying won’t help the food cook faster. but will cause our food or raw materials to lose moisture until hardened and may cause the oil to penetrate into the meat resulting in oil 
  • each frying Do not put too much food in the pan. Because it will be difficult to control each piece of food. causing the food to not be cooked thoroughly
  • Vinegar, the secret to keeping food crispy for longer Just drop a little vinegar into the oil. It will make our fried menu taste good, crispy for a long time, and not greasy.
  • When fried until golden brown and crispy. The fried food should be rested on the wire rack. or on oil blotting paper to absorb the residual oil. Otherwise, the excess oil that runs off will make our fries soft quickly. 

These 8 not-so-secret tips are easy to follow, right? If you can do this You will have delicious fried food. Plus it’s crispy for a long time to be able to eat in a very satisfying way, but don’t forget! No matter how tempting the fried food is It should be eaten in moderation. Because the fried food menu puts us at risk of getting many serious diseases.