What color pens are good for writing?

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What color pens are good for writing?

yellow pen

bright yellow pen It helps to increase the eye-catching effect on the a ufabet page. So it is suitable for emphasizing the main idea. But using a yellow pen to write letters Might be a bit difficult to read. It is recommended to choose yellow highlighter pen Whether it’s yellow to an earth tone or neon yellow Emphasize important messages. Guarantee that it will stand out, eye-catching, remembered accurately, and will not be forgotten. 

What color pens are good for writing?

orange pen

Orange is a distinctive, active color that helps to reduce monotony. The orange pen is suitable for taking lecture notes in the section of example, sentence ) or comparison. This will help stimulate the brain to create imagination and see the images of those samples more clearly. 

red pen

Red is the most striking and eye-catching color of any warning sign or caution. Or even text in an asterisk (*) is often used in red. to attract people’s eyes and stimulate the brain to quickly remember the message on the sign The red pen should therefore be used to highlight very important areas such as caution, the content that we often mistakenly remember. Write the topic of the lesson. Or write a note to do list appointments on the calendar to ensure that they are remembered accurately It’s definitely stuck in your brain for a long time!  

blue pen

blue pen It is a basic pen color that is often used for writing or taking notes. Because it is easy to read, comfortable on the eyes, has the right intensity. Does not need to focus, helps to increase concentration and make the brain feel calm therefore suitable for writing. Content in the extra details that do not want to focus too much or jot down long messages. Because the blue pen is the easiest to read out of all the pen colors. 

green pen

Green is another color that relaxes the brain and improves concentration. Its good for jotting down lists, bullet points, questions, numbers, definitions, or content that we already understand clearly. When repeating will increase the understanding and create a more accurate memory.

pink pen

Pink is bright and warm. But it is less eye-catching than red or yellow. Great for emphasizing short words or sentences, such as words, people names, place names, dates, or numbers. 

Don’t forget to organize the colored pens !

When choosing a pen color that you like Before using a colored pen Try making small symbols. in the corner of the page what color pen What areas do we use to emphasize? For example, a red pen for big headings. An orange pen is used for example sentences or a green pen to use with the main idea. This is another trick to help organize your lecture notes and not confuse your brain. Help build a memory as well anyway.