Messi exposes Argentine’s brutality because they started from 0 again.

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Lionel Messi the captain of Argentina’s national team revealed that. The source of his fierce, unconcerned performance in the 2026 Football World Cup in South America. Winning 100% through four match days is due to his attitude and forgetting all past successes. Start counting from one all over again.

‘Fah-Kao’ just beat Peru 2-0 equal to playing 4 games, winning in a row, scoring 7 goals without conceding a night. It is a continuation of the excellence of the Copa America champions and the Qatar World Cup UFABET 

However, Messi the 35-year-old star believes that. If it were normal for a country as successful as theirs. They would be obsessed with success and arrogance. But ‘Albiceleste’ was teased by head coach Lionel Scaloni. Don’t get carried away, everyone must set it to zero.

Opening his mouth through ‘TC Sports’

“This Argentina team plays well day and night. Made me think back to Barcelona. The golden era where I competed. Is that outfit probably the coolest you’ve ever worked with? Or can you argue that it’s not? Compared to the current ‘blue-white’ Very close to reaching that point.”

“I think so because from what we’ve shown. From winning the Copa America to winning the World Cup. That’s already considered a great success.” 

“We have a great squad. I don’t care who the competitors are. No installments, no special emphasis. We give our best in every match to show what Argentina is like. We like to do that. I hope to continue on that path.” 

“The message the coach sent was that the two major championships have passed. We are starting a new cycle. The team has a clear plan. You just have to start from scratch again.” 

“The plan from now on will be to practice to play the final game for Inter Miami in the 2023 season. Then in November our national team will qualify for the 2026 World Cup against Uruguay, Brazil.” 

“After completing my national service, I will probably travel in Argentina. It is the first time that I will be able to rest fully during December. During that time I will probably recharge my energy with my family, close relatives, friends. Then in January 2024 I will start practicing again.” 

The brutality of ‘ Fah – White ‘ kept goalkeeper Amy Martinez clean sheet for 712 minutes . The last time he conceded a goal was 10 months ago.