Fruits help you lose weight! 5 misconceptions 

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Fruits help you lose weight! 5 misconceptions About fruit for weight loss How to eat to help control weight.

When talking about eating to lose weight Today there is a lot of both reliable information and false information. Which is one of the interesting information is to eat fruit to help lose weight Many sources say that fruits can be both a good food for helping with weight management and on the other hand. They can be our worst enemy if we do not consume them properly. Many information mentions. When we should eat. Including. Which fruits should we avoid completely? But which information is true and which information is not? Today we have the answer for you at ufabet

5 false beliefs About fruits helping to lose weight

1. You should not eat fruit because it is high in sugar.

     One of the biggest misconceptions about eating fruit. Because fruits are sweet, they contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, it makes fruit bad for anyone who is dieting. However, there is a difference between the natural sugar in fruit (fructose) and sugary foods. Normally, fructose is harmful when we consume it in large quantities. This is difficult to get too much of in its natural form from fruit. which is for most people Sugar content in fruits We can eat it safely.

     Fruits are also very nutritious and provide other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. and dietary fiber. It also has a high water content. This means they can help control your appetite and help you feel fuller for longer.

2. Fruits cause weight gain because they are high in carbohydrates.

     It is true that some fruits contain carbohydrates. But it is a healthy carbohydrate. Including dietary fiber. Dietary fiber supports a healthy gut microbiome. Helps us feel full longer. Promote bowel movements and helps maintain stable blood sugar levels And the more fiber there is, The better it is for weight loss. And fruits are a natural source of dietary fiber. We also don’t need to avoid the carbohydrates in fruit. Because this type of nutrient provides energy to our brain and body. It also helps support the body’s functioning as well as providing energy when we exercise.

3. Avocados make you fat.

     A fruit that many people question, especially when trying to lose weight, is avocado. Because avocados are quite high in fat. Some people may think that it is necessary to cut out fatty foods in order to lose weight. But in reality Research shows that regular consumption of healthy fats (Like those found in avocados) can help control your appetite and help you feel fuller for longer. which means Eating avocados This can make us more likely to snack less and eat less overall. and can help in losing weight 

4. Eating fruit smoothies will cause the fiber to be lost and the nutrients to be reduced.

     Blending a fruit smoothie does not destroy the fiber or change the nutritional properties of the fruit in any way. This is because the nutrients in some fruits may be lost when the fruit is exposed to oxygen. But it takes time to lose its nutritional value. So if we blend Fruits help you lose weight a smoothie and drink it immediately We don’t need to worry about anything. Conversely, smoothies can be a great way to get more fruit and fiber into your daily diet.

5. You should not eat fruit on an empty stomach.

     Another belief about fruits That is, eating on an empty stomach. Will cause stomach problems. Some people believe it slows down the digestion of other foods and causes gas, bloating, and digestive problems. In fact Fruits contain soluble fiber, such as apples and citrus fruits, which absorb water in the intestines. Make a gel and slows down digestion But this reason Fruits help you lose weight is not a bad thing. This is because the dietary fiber in fruits helps you feel full and prevents your blood sugar from spiking after eating. This can help control appetite and weight.