What is Aging?

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Aging is something no one wants to be. Or no one is difficult to hear because aging is important in life in every way. Whether it is a career or being healthy.

This resulted in a branch of medical science that responded to human needs in anti-aging health. with a name called “Anti-Aging Medicine”. Which for Thailand It is now known. get attention and play an ever-increasing role. The key to slowing down or anti-aging It consists of 3 aspects of care: food, exercise in terms of emotions and attitudes UFABET

As follows:

  1. Food, It is a food that is beneficial or has a lot of nutritional value, with little harm, usually a type of vegetables, fruits, whole grains. Meat, fish, low-fat milk, etc.
  2. Exercise refers to physical movements that increase from normal. a clear pattern Do it consistently for a period of about 20-30 minutes or more. Which is different from exerting or using work. because it gives good results in promoting and preventing different diseases. Whether it’s on the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system, etc.
  3. Emotional and Attitude Body and mind work together all the time. Having a good heart, being comfortable, and having the ability to deal with various situations. It will reduce the tension. The chance that the body will secrete substances or hormones that negatively affect the body itself will be minimal. Aging will be difficult or slow down.