Precautions when drinking coconut water

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It is recommended that those who drink coconut water should choose young coconuts not older than 9 months only. Which if it is an old coconut. The value and nutrients are absorbed into the coconut meat. Drinking coconut water might not get enough nutrients. Eating large amounts of coconut meat may affect blood lipid levels. Or get quite a lot of sodium. We should be careful when eating as follows.

     1. Not suitable for people with kidney disease. Because in coconut water there are substances that help diuretic. Which if the body frequently urinates or too much. May cause dehydration which is very dangerous for patients with kidney disease may have a heart attack. It UFABET is best not to drink more than 2 children a week or consult a doctor first.

     2. Not suitable for people with diabetes, even in coconut water. There is a very small amount of sugar. But do not forget that there are still carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are know to have the ability to be digested into sugars. Therefore, you should not drink too much. Or it’s best to consult a doctor first.

     3. People with heart disease such as arrhythmia. Because in coconut water is quite high in potassium. May cause heart problems should drink no more than 1-2 children per week.

In fact.

There is no definitive research or research on this subject. But there are many health experts who most often recommend that drinking before bedtime is believed to help restore and nourish the body well when we sleep. resulting in better absorption of nutrients help slow down aging Brighten skin Wake up, your skin will be bouncing, radiant, fresh, even coconut water has many benefits. But if consumed in excess, there is a penalty as well. We should eat in moderation. The consumption for the general public is 1 child / day for those who are thinking of starting to drink coconut water every day. But I’m not sure if I can drink it or not. We suggests starting with a polite examination and consult a doctor is the best.